Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Snowflake poem

Grafică Vectorială Gratuită:

Twas raining and then hailing to show,
That it was winter,
Grafică Vectorială Gratuită:Grafică Vectorială Gratuită:The forecast lady said it was snowing,
I said I don’t believe her,
Then I saw the images on the television,
I can’t believe my eyes,

it really is snowing!  

Monday, 22 June 2015

My poem

We learnt about all the different types of poems and we got to pick one and write that type of poem about a subject. I chose to do an acrostic poem. I did it about New Zealand. This is my poem.

My poem


Energetic people

wonderful outdoors

Zebra's don't live here 

Exiting adventure

All blacks rugby team 

Life lives here 

Amazing places

Napier (art Deco point)Danniverk 

NYLD trip

NYLD trip

As a leader I got to go down to Palmerston North to see a concert that had lots of inspirational speakers such as, William Pike, Marcus Winter, Jamie Mcdell, Chris Jupp, Sariyah Paitia And Phoenix. William Pike talked to us about how you should never give up. William lost one of his legs when he was walking up Mt ruapahu and the volcano erupted and his leg got wedged under a pile of snow and it was so bad he had to get it cut off. Marcus winter was another speaker there and he taught us that you can make a really cool picture out of your life. Jamie Mcdell taught us that you don't have to take advise from people you don't know and you can just take advise from people you care about. She also sung two songs for us and they were called crash and life in sunshine. Chris Jupp told us that you can change the world whatever age you are. Chris used to run the forty hour famine for his school.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

#Stitched Dot Art

Stitched Dot Art 

Room 13 made some really cool pieces of art and they are called stitched dot art. The first thing we did was colour a piece of cardboard and then wait for it to dry. Then once it is dry you do another colour on top of that. Then while it is wet get something sharp and draw some patterns. Then splat neon paint on top of all of this. Then wait for it to dry and once it is dry you have finished doing the background of your stitched dot art! But you still have to do the stitching. For the stitching you need to get a cut out circle with 16 lines around the outside evenly spaced apart. Then you trace around the circle onto the background ant draw the lines as well. Then get a needle and poke holes in where you put the lines on the outside of the circle. Then choose the pattern you want to do for your art. Once you have done that you need to choose the colours you want to use. Then you stitch the pattern into your background. When you finish doing that then you have FINISHED!!!!!!!! Now you have an amazing piece of art.