Thursday, 8 May 2014

scary story

It was the first night of camp I went to brush my teeth and it turned out that I was the only person in the bathroom I started to freak out. Then I realized that I forgot to bring my torch because it was light when I went to the bathroom. I walked slowly out of the bathroom and it was freezing cold outside. When I got back to the cabin no one was there… DUN DUN DUN. I quickly checked all the beds still no sight of anyone. The moment I walked into the other room in the cabin I saw a bump in the blanket I swept up  the blanket and saw Henrietta and Lissie lying in the bed covered in blood then I remembered it was dinner time so I went down to the tent and saw everyone sitting down at the tables eating dinner. I screamed “Lissie and Henni are dead.” suddenly I woke up luckily it was all just a nightmare. But you never know there might be a MONSTER under your bed.
the end!

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