Thursday, 16 October 2014

Optimist Yachting Conversation


“Have you ever done this before?” Said Annabel as we arrived at pandora pond.
“Nope I am really nervous.” I said shivering with fear.
“I’m so excited.” Annabel Shouted as the wind howled very loudly.
“Yeah this is going to be fun.” We said at the same time.
“ok so you do the knot and I will put the centre board in.” Annabel said acting as though she was really organized.
“ok.” I answered.  
“I hope we don’t fall out of the yacht.” Annabel said.
“Yeah I don’t want to die.” I said feeling the adrenaline rushing through me as we entered the water.
As we exit the pond Annabel said “I feel sick.”
“That was fun.” I shouted as happy as I could be.
As we go back to school Annabel vomits and after all that she gets to go home early.

The end!!!

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